Monday, July 21, 2014

Travel photographs - some of my recent work.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014



Enthusiastic European language tutor and translator


1993                        TEFL Diploma (Teaching English)    Marble Arch Teacher Training, UK
1990/1                    2 x diplomas in advanced Hungarian (grade A*) KLTE University, Debrecen, HU
1986                        Diploma in Czech language and literature    University J.E. Purkyne, Czech Republic
1985                        Diploma in graphic design and life drawing  Jacob Kramer College of Art, Leeds, UK
1984                        BA Hons. Degree in Russian (w/ Spanish, Czech and English Lit.) Leeds University


2009 – 2014:            Photojournalist, editor and translator (based in Brighton, 2009-2011 in London).

2004 – 2008:       EU (EP/Commission) correspondent The Budapest Times (based in Brussels).

2003 – 2004:         Editor-in-chief at Where Budapest (based in Budapest).

1996 – 2003:         Cultural and features editor at The Budapest Sun (based in Budapest).

1994 – 1996:          Bilingual reporter at Budapest Week (based in Budapest).


Excellent references and writing samples available on request

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Transylvania: The Bradt Travel Guide

2nd Edition 

                                                                      1st edition

Transylvania: The Bradt Travel Guide
By Lucy Mallows
1st edition published August 2008 - ISBN-13 978 1 84162 230 9
2nd edition (updated by Rudolf Abraham) published December 2012 - ISBN-13 978 1 84162 419 8

Bradt Guides

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Bratislava: The Bradt City Guide

Bratislava: The Bradt City Guide
by Lucy Mallows
First edition published December 2005 - ISBN 1 84162 142 0
Second, revised edition published January 2009 - ISBN-13 978 1 84162 229 3

Bradt Guides

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Slovakia: The Bradt Travel Guide

Slovakia: The Bradt Travel Guide
by Lucy Mallows
First published April 2007

ISBN13: 9781841621883
ISBN10: 1841621889 

Bradt Guides

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Achievements in 2012


IN 2012, I...

* Created a database of the top 660 restaurants in Brussels, Belgium for Zagat Restaurant Guides (now in collaboration with Google)

* Fact-checked, edited and supplied photographs for The Bradt Travel Guide to Transylvania, edition 2 published December 2012 by Bradt Guides Ltd. First edition by Lucy Mallows published in August 2008.

* Updated the DK Eyewitness Guide to Hungary 2013, to be published by Dorling Kindersley in June 2013. 

* Translated 25+ articles (Hungarian to English mother tongue) for the new Globeland children's educational magazine.

* Translated numerous articles (Hungarian to English mother tongue) for a new dental tourism (to Budapest and Debrecen) enterprise, Say White / Tibor Dental.

* Translated articles and web copy (HU to EN) for Swiss Halley travel website.

* Wrote web copy about 86 wine regions (in Hungary, Austria, France, Spain, Italy) for a brand new website My Wine and Me wine experience, offering wine lovers the opportunity to create their own virtual vineyard.

* Held my first photographic exhibition 'Brighton - First Impressions', showing framed prints of my photos of Brighton and Hove. At Harry's restaurant in Hove.

* Supplied travel information, short articles, photographs and listings on London for The Guardian newspaper Been There travel pages.

* Supplied entertaining and informative European travel articles for the website When Sally met Sally.

* Uploaded fascinating, in-depth articles and photographs on Budapest's hidden history, culture, architecture and society to my popular Disappearing Budapest blog.

* Started a full-time job (September 2012) at Brighton & Hove City Council, working as a relief administrator for Child Protection Services (with enhanced CRB disclosure), then at the Coroner's Office (& Bereavement Services), Woodvale Crematorium, Lewes Road, Brighton and now at Financial Assessments in Bartholomew House, Brighton.

I AM NOW available for more writing/translating/travelling commissions

Please contact me via this website or at

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Lucy Mallows new CV (media)

 January 01 2013 - my media CV 

Lucy Mallows 
Brighton, East Sussex, UK


 • Highly motivated, dynamic and conscientious photojournalist and editor with more than 18 years’ professional and practical experience; editing & writing for magazines, weekly newspapers and guidebooks. 

 • An expert with in-depth knowledge of and contacts in the Central and East European region with up-to-date information on the political, sociological and cultural developments. 

 • Extensive experience in reporting & editing work at the highest level, under pressure, always to deadline, in busy newsrooms and at magazine editorial offices. 

 • A professional, reliable & creative writer who works at a national & European level, publishing clear, concise copy and entertaining, inspiring travel & feature articles with attractive photographic illustrations. 


Write & edit articles & guidebooks that interest and inspire 

 • I am the sole author of five guidebooks, contributor to 20+ guidebooks, author of 3,000+ articles published in the UK, Hungary, Belgium and worldwide in daily & weekly newspapers and magazines. 

 • I speak (write, read & understand) six foreign languages: Hungarian (fluent), Russian (fluent), French (advanced), Spanish (advanced), Slovak (good) and Czech (good). I also have a good understanding of all Slavic languages (Polish, Serbian, Bulgarian etc). I am learning Italian, Portuguese & Romanian. 

 • I have 16 years’ practical & professional experience working in Europe (12yrs Budapest, 4yrs Brussels). I used my fluent Hungarian & French plus excellent communication & diplomatic skills. 

 • I translate (HU, RU, FR, ES to EN mother tongue) legal documents, technical journals, medical files, news, business, political & cultural feature articles. I have first-class English language and grammar skills and am experienced in proofreading, sub-editing and copy editing. 

 • I write PR copy for advertisements, marketing copy and eye-catching reports. Given a 30-minute deadline, I can transform a document from rambling prose into a concise, yet fascinating and informative read. I write eye-catching headlines and snappy stand-firsts that leave the reader eager and excited to discover more. 


1993 TEFL Diploma (Teaching English) Marble Arch Teacher Training, UK 

1990/1 2 x diplomas in advanced Hungarian (grade A*) KLTE University, Debrecen, Hungary 

1986 Diploma in Czech language & literature University J.E. Purkyne, Czech Republic 

1985 Diploma in graphic design & life drawing Jacob Kramer College of Art, Leeds 

1984 BA Hons. Degree in Russian (with Spanish, Czech & English Lit.) Leeds University


2009 – present:  Photojournalist, editor & translator (based in Brighton, 2009-2011 in London)

• I am the sole author of guidebooks (Transylvania 1 & 2, Slovakia, Bratislava 1 & 2) and a regular contributor to international publishers: Bradt Guides Rough Guides, Time Out Guides, DK Eyewitness Guides. 

• I research and report on life in Brighton, London, Belgium, Hungary, Slovakia & Romania for airline in-flight magazines (BSpirit!, BThere!, Ryanair, Wizzit, easyJet, SkyEurope, CNN Traveller). 

• I am the ‘London local’ writer for The Guardian newspaper, reporting on South London. 

• I am the local restaurant expert ‘food authority’ in Budapest & Brussels for Zagat Restaurant Guide. 

• I provide attractive, inspiring photographs to illustrate travel & news reports. 

• I translate legal documents, news & business articles & web copy (HU, RU, FR, ES to EN).  

2004 – 2008: EU (EP/Commission) correspondent The Budapest Times (based in Brussels)

• I provided interesting and accurate reports about life in Belgium (cultural, political, business articles) for English-speaking readers in Hungary. 

• I researched developments in the European Union with regard to the New Member States. 

 • I wrote travel articles about the entire Central European region, using language skills, experience and contacts for UK, Belgian & international publications. 

2003 – 2004: Editor-in-chief at Where Budapest (based in Budapest)

• I managed a small but busy office (15+ staff) with an editorial of freelance & staff writers, the production team and the advertising & marketing department. 

 • I set out the monthly profile for the free magazine, commissioned articles from freelance writers, set deadlines, edited, sub-edited, copy edited and proofread articles and wrote many features. I compiled the events and entertainments listings. 

• I liaised with clients for advertising and marketing in a variety of languages & locations. 

1996 – 2003: Cultural & features editor at The Budapest Sun (based in Budapest)

• I was responsible for the largest and most widely read cultural section (20+ pages) of the local, English-language, weekly newspaper. 

 • I developed story ideas for the section, commissioned articles, reported on cultural events: news, local interest, restaurants, cafes, bars, films, books, galleries, concerts, architecture, history & society. 

• Subbing, editing, proofreading work, laying out pages and illustration. 

• I regularly provided research work for TV (Channel4) and radio (BBC Radio4) using language skills, local knowledge & expertise and a wide range of contacts. 

1994 – 1996: Bilingual reporter at Budapest Week (based in Budapest). 

• I reported daily from the Hungarian Parliament in Budapest, interviewed politicians, wrote informative, accurate political and news reports. 

• I interviewed members of the public, went on assignments in the region, conducted extensive research, gathered background knowledge and cultivated contacts and sources. 


• Articles published in UK & international publications: The Guardian, The Independent, International Herald Tribune, Wanderlust, Condé Nast Traveller (UK & US), CNN Traveller, Daily Mirror. 

• I was invited to speak about travel to Romania on BBC Radio4’s ‘Excess Baggage’ (Feb 2011). 

• I show an exhibition of my Brighton photographs at Harry’s in Hove (March 1 – May 31 2012). 

• I created a successful blog: ‘Disappearing Budapest’ (

• I am an activist for Greenpeace Brighton, campaigning on environmental issues (Common Fisheries Policy, fracking, drilling for oil in the Arctic). 

• I volunteer for the Marine Conservation Society and regularly take part in beach cleaning projects.

 • IT skills: Mac & PC literate, Tera Super User, Microsoft Word, Excel, Quark Xpress, Adobe Photoshop, basic HTML knowledge. Swift, accurate keyboard skills & shorthand. 

• Current, clean UK & international driving licence. 

• INTERESTS: Photography, architecture, playing piano & guitar, environment, sport, ear acupuncture, wild swimming.

 Excellent references available on request

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Birdcage views

'Brighton Bandstand by Day' by Lucy Mallows ©LRMallowsMarch2012

Designed by Brighton Borough surveyor Phillip Lockwood and completed in 1884, Brighton & Hove Bandstand - known to locals as 'The Birdcage' - is considered to be one of the finest examples of a Victorian bandstand still surviving in England today. The original design featured a bridge linking the upper promenade with the Bandstand which was removed in the late 1970s. The ground floor was used as public conveniences until 2003 when vandalism forced their closure.

I have been capturing the Birdcage at different times of the day and night, in various lights and shades.
All photos are available for purchase as prints in dimensions from 6 x 4 to 10 x 15.
Contact me through this website for more information.

'Brighton Bandstand by Night' by Lucy Mallows ©LRMallowsMarch2012

'Birdcage at Dusk' by Lucy Mallows ©LRMallowsMarch2012

'Birdcage Tiles' by Lucy Mallows ©LRMallowsMarch2012

'Alone in the Birdcage at Sunset' by Lucy Mallows ©LRMallowsMarch2012

'Birdcage Wrought Ironwork' by Lucy Mallows ©LRMallowsMarch2012

'Bandstand Cafe' by Lucy Mallows ©LRMallowsMarch2012

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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Harry's restaurant closes - Mallows photos continue

Very sad news this week: Harry's English Restaurant - a haven of fine English cuisine and home to many art & photographic exhibitions - has been driven out of business by rocketing rents.
Harry's opened in 1990 and has supported and showcased work by local artists while serving great grub.
I put up a selection of my photographs of Brighton and Hove last Thursday (1 March 2012) and now I will search for a new venue.
In the meantime, I showcase the work from Harry's here.
The photos are all available for purchase and further prints can be ordered directly from me in a variety of frames and dimensions.
Please contact me via this website for more details.
You can also send me a message via Facebook (
Here's hoping Harry also finds a new home...

'Preening Seagull' by Lucy Mallows ©LRMallows.Feb2012. 10" x 8" wooden frame £65

'Stormy West Pier' by Lucy Mallows ©LRMallows.Nov2011. 10" x 12" reclaimed wood frame £80

'Pavilion Silhouette' by Lucy Mallows ©LRMallows.Feb2012. 10" x 8" wood frame £70

'Moody West Pier' by Lucy Mallows ©LRMallows.Nov2011. 9" x 6" gold-painted wood frame £65

'Remembrance Sunday, 13th November' by Lucy Mallows ©LRMallows.Nov2011. 9" x 6" gold-painted wood frame £65

See also the post below for the two 'famous' seagull photos, taken at 11am on 11.11.11, and which started a new direction in my artistic work

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Photographic exhibition

'Who you lookin' at?' by Lucy Mallows ©LRMallows.Nov2011. 10" x 8" wood frame £70

I will show a selection of my photographs 'Brighton - First Impressions' at Harry's English Restaurant in Hove.
The show opens on Thursday 1 March and continues for three months until Thursday 31 May.
All prints are available for purchase and extra prints, in various dimensions, can be ordered from me directly, by mobile phone (details at the show) or via this website.
Harry's English Restaurant opened in 1990 and is one of the best restaurants on the South Coast.
The menu is packed with all the favourites, from steak and kidney pie to bangers & mash or liver & bacon.
The breakfasts are wonderful, offering scrambled eggs and smoked salmon or hot buttered kippers, and room must be saved for a pudding. How can you resist jam roly-poly with custard?
I look forward to seeing you all at Harry's English Restaurant.

I will be there in person on Sunday 4 March from 1pm. It would be lovely to see you!

Brighton - First Impressions
A collection of photographs by Lucy Mallows
Thursday 1 March to Thursday 31 May 2012
Harry's English Restaurant
41 Church Road (on the corner of Palmeira Square)
Hove, BN3 2BE
Tel: 01273 727410
Open: Monday to Saturday 09.00--22.30, Sunday 09.30--21.30

'Brighton Birds' by Lucy Mallows ©LRMallows.Nov2011. 10" x 12" wood frame £80

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